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Applications used in this site allow users to post images and links of the sites on thier pages only. Posting illegal images or links through our application is not allowed.User will be banned immidiatly if we find any user involving in such activities.

Any type of spamming on pages is not allowed, if we found any user spamming on pages we will disabled your access to this app.

You are not allowed to voilate facebook Pages Policies and if you did , we will not be resposible for any harm or action takken by facebook.

As this is a free service and we do not charge anything from you and we do not show any ads as ads are annoying right ? so we will post 1 sponser link daily on pages for just 15 minutes to keep the website running (after 15 minutes link will be auto remove), nice huh?.

1) We do not post any porn or adult links.

2) Only 1 link just for 15 minutes

3) if you are not comfortable with that you can have a app from us where we wont post anything for a small monthly donation, please email at to set this up.

We can Create cookies in your system for system handeling & maintaining site speed and progress.

we will use your information up to that point at which facebook allow us to use(click here [])

Updates to This Privacy Policy:

This Privacy Policy may be updated periodically and without prior notice to you to reflect changes in our personal information practices.


We are not directly or indirectly part of facebook(do not write your facebook password and security questions anywhere on the website)Facebook applications allow us only to collect your information that you have made public or that you allow our application to collect. We cannot collect any of your hidden information (passwords, security Question,chat, friends link e.t.c ). If any of your page or group is no more under your administration, we will not be responsible for that.

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